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Elie Wiesel bust unveiling will take place on Sunday, May 27, 2018

At 15:30 at the Elie Wiesel Memorial House.

This project was initiated by Sighet Mayor Horia Scubli.

The sculpture was  made by the well-known Romania sculpturer of such Busts Ioan Ladea

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 כנס כל הדורות 2018 סיגט מרמוריש  "

Thursday, MAY 24 – Monday, MAY 28- 2018

NEWSLETTER #1, March 2018

Dear All Sighet Maramures Generations,

With almost three months away from “2018Sighet MaramuresAll Generations Gathering”, The Sighet Jewish Community Center, Sighet City Hall and Tarbut Foundation are all excited and working hard to make the Gathering once again an amazing and memorable experience for all participants.  We had great success in the previous Gatherings 2014, 2015 & 2017, and we look forward in making 2018 event together with you an exceptional experience.

You must have heard the name Sighet so many times while you grew up, sure you have created in your mind various visions of this place; Sighet is a city at the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains along the two rivers Tisa and Iza. The city has about 44, 000 inhabitants some parts of the city look modern where others look like when our grandparents or family members lived there. From whichever angle you look at Sighet, it’s a picturesque city where the old and new intertwines. You can witness sights of a BMW and SUV cars driving next to a wagon with hay, but this is what makes Sighet the place it is – the place where our relatives walked. 


All generations are welcome starting with survivors; second, third, fourth and fifth to join us. Joining the Gathering willincrease your family knowledge especially when working on a “Family Roots” project.

Attached please find the Registration Form. Please make a copy and complete one registration per person – even if you are attending as a family. (Please print your name in English, as written in your passport)

PLEASE NOTE! Every participant must be registered, locals as well, for safety and security- We appreciate your adherence to this request- Thank You.



North and South Americaparticipants, best option flyinginto Budapest from your home base, if you never visited Budapest, come a few days earlier or stay after the Gathering and tour the city( Please see visitors links at the end of this newsletter)

Transfer from Budapest – Sighet and back to Budapest (about 5-6 hrs.)

Mini buses will be picking you up at a central location TBA

Please be ready on Thursday May 24, 2018 at 09:00 am for your pick-up.

Budapest - Sighet cost one way $ 100 USD, Pre-paid at registration.

Sighet – Budapest Monday, May 28, 2018 bus will leave at 09:00 am

Israeliparticipants WIZZ Airline direct flights Tel –Aviv - Cluj (WIZZ is a low cost Hungarian airline- I personally only use them when flying into Cluj, and I am very pleased with their services). www.wizzair.com

Flight prices are low but luggage and seat costs are additional to the flight price, food on the flights at cost only)

Please book your own flight (as indicated below) as soon as possible (I checked the Thursday flight there are still many seats available but they will fill up very fast- let’s not be disappointed) as I would like all participants be in Sighet on Thursday, May 24, 2018


TLV – CLUJ DEPARTURE          09:50   ARRIVES 13:00

CLUJ – TLV DEPARTURE          05:50   ARRIVES 08:50

Transfer from Cluj – to Sighet and back to Cluj (about 3.5 hrs)

Thursday May 24, 2018- at 13:30 picking you up from Cluj Airport directly to Sighet

Cluj - Sighet pre-paid transportation cost $ 45 USD/ one way.

NEW THIS YEAR- SALINA TURDA TOUR (TURDA SALT MINES), Monday at 07:30 bus leaves to Salina Turda – Salt Mines an hour from Cluj. This is one of the most visited sites by National Geographic 2017 survey.

SighetTurda - Cluj (including entrance fee to the Salt Mines & Cluj Jewish Tour)

Pre-paid transportation cost $ 75 USD.


Please tie a thick colourful ribbon to your suitcase handle, to easily identify it.


International law requests that your passport will have an expiration date 6 months following May 2018. Israelis, if you have an EU passport, cross the Israel border with your Israeli passport and use your EU passport for Romania.

Non-Israelis participants use your country’s passport; please make sure it’s valid (6 months from May 2018) check if your country needs a visa to Hungary or Romania.

Please make 2 photocopies of the main page of your passport(s) (the page with your picture). Leave one with someone at your home base country, who you can call in case it’s lost, and the other copy you should place at the bottom of your suitcase.

Flight&Health Insurance

You are responsible to buy Flight & Health Insurance, please bring a copy of the Insurance Policy with you. There is no Doctor accompanying our group, however there are Medical Doctors in Sighet and a Hospital G-d Forbid if it’s needed.


All hotels in Sighet are reserved for our event. Prices are reasonable; Price includes a smorgasbord buffet breakfast (a variety of vegetables, cheeses, butter, jam, cakes, seasonal fruit, eggs (boiled, omelettes and scrambled), bread, juice, coffee and tea). We are making the reservations for you taking in consideration distance or any other personal issues to be considerate (please let us know of special needs)

All participants are registered under their name(s) at the various hotels. When you arrive, you will provide the receptionist at the Hotel with your credit card. You are responsible for all your expenses at the hotel.

Please make sure you know your Credit Card PIN #, if you are planning to pay by Credit Card. It is used as a security measure to confirm that you are the cardholder.

If you share a room – please make sure Monday at Check-out you pay the hotel in full together with your room partner.

Observing Sabbath participants will be given first priority to stay at the closest hotels to the synagogue and the dining hall.

List of Hotels will be provided closer to the event.

Sabbath Special arrangements

Money & Valuables– There will not be cleaning or fixing your room on Saturday until Sunday during the usual time, you can leave all valuable items in your rooms.


Attached please find the March draft Program. Program includes a tour in a radius of 20 km from Sighet, cultural concerts, memorial service, visit Sighet Jewish community offices and synagogue, Tarbut Foundation – Kahana Court, Jewish Cemetery  etc.


There is no Kosher food to purchase in Sighet. Please bring along on your flight food for your bus ride to Sighet, either from Budapest or Cluj for those who observe. A bottle of water will be given to each participant on the bus.

All Hotel rooms are equipped with a min-bar; you will find the min-bar empty for your convenience to keep your food. (Monday before check-out, please empty your food from the min-bar-Thank you)

There is a daily market in the city center where you can purchase “Natural Organic” vegetables and fruits only payments with the local currency LEI. There are supermarkets within walking distance and of course restaurants and coffee shops which we will recommend – non-smoking, payments can be done by a CC.

Suitable food to bring:

Granola bars, dry fruits, halvah, tuna, Matzah and crackers, peanut butter, jam, various soups in containers- boiled water will be available in the Dining Hall, or any other non-perishable food.

Sabbath Meal

We will not be able to provide a meat meal this year; however we will provide a broiled fish in foil, and freshly cooked potatoes, rice etc., lots of salads and fruits.

All food prepared on site in the Hotel Koshered kitchen, in our own new or from last year’s utensils.

Some products will be brought directly from Israel or Kosher supplier in Budapest, including the Challah.




Please bring extra pills or any other medications you use, along with a Medical Prescription/s from your Doctor. Bring along an extra pair of eye glasses – just in case.


The official language in Romania is Romanian and many people in Maramures Region speak also Hungarian. The young generation speaks well English as well as some adults. During the events the official language will be English and for those who don’t speak English we will have translators available.


The local currency in Romania is Lei – $10 USD = 37 LEI; 10 NIS =10 LEI

I highly recommend that you bring along about $500 USD in cash; it’s always advisable for emergencies G-d Forbid.

All payments at the supermarket can be made by your credit card, just make sure you know your pin #, at the market only cash


Please Note!ONLYMASTER CARD & VISA can be used.

Please inform your credit card company what are your traveling dates in Romania, so that when you are using your credit card there is no suspicion on behalf of the credit card company.

Make sure you know your pin number. It is used in Romania, as a security measurement to confirm that you are the card holder.

You can also use your debit card and get Lei from the bank machine.  Personally I only use this method for obtaining cash LEI for a nominal service charge. The city has a few Banks and lots of Banking Machines around the city.

DO NOT exchange money with those that offer you on the street, and don’t give money to ROMA Women with babies in their hands begging, children who are asking, unless you have in your pocket a dollar or a few Lei. Never open your purse or wallet in front of someone who is begging for money, even if he is a handicap!




Free Wi-Fi is available at all hotels, coffee shops and restaurants.

Telephone - call your Israeli/American cellular phone company and ask for a calling package to Romania, or purchase a RomanianSIM card at one of the many local telephone stores, WhatsApp is another successful way


There is nothing to be concerned about; however, as Jews and Israelis we always have to be alert.  The locals are going to see many males wearing Kippot and Tzitziot; although many are used to seeing this phenomenon due to the previous Gatherings. I would like to suggest that you always walk in a group.

If you are going to look for your parents’ home be gentle with the present inhabitants so that they don’t get upset /threatened and think that you came to claim the house. Don’t get into any confrontation, you can say “This was my family’s house”, and wait for a reaction. Some might invite you to come in the house, so you will have an opportunity to see how it looked/looks now. If you see Jewish Ceremonial objects in the house, there is nothing what to say- I know how hard it is.
The Municipality is fully aware of our presence in the city and so is the local Police and we have been reassured that they will be on a heightened awareness during our Gathering.

CEMETERY VISITS – The Cemetery will be open during the Gathering except on

Friday from 16:00 until Sunday morning at 09:00

If you wish to locate your family member Tombstone- Matzvah, please visit the website www.sighet.orgor if you require additional information you can contact Mr. Ezra Berger at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you wish to refurbish, renovate or replace a tombstone, please speak with Mr. Ezra Berger. If you go to the cemetery, and someone is offering you to repair, renovate or replace your family’s tombstone, please don’t give money or make any commitments with the person who wishes to assist you. You don’t know who the person is or what their intentions are.


Fundatia Tarbut Sighet (FTS) - Gathering organizer www.ftsighet.com


Email addresses:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

·         Sighet Jewish Cemetery www.sighet.org  , Ezra Berger This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

·         Sighet Jewish Community , Str. Bassarabia No. 8

President Mr. David Lieberman

Jewish Budapest Touring info.


General information about Sighet –Maramures


Learning a few Romanian Phrases


Weather forecast



·         Please visit www.ftsighet.com  website for updates,

·         Ask to join the Facebook SIGHET GENERATIONS, for more updates

·         Announcements will be at the reception desk of your hotel.

We look forward to welcoming youin Sighet.

Wishing you all a Happy & Kosher Pesach & a safe flight and ride to Sighet

Peninah Zilberman (Walter) Sighet

“2018Sighet All Generations Gathering

Every question has an answer- never hesitate to ask – write to

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Peninah will be available in Israel to meet and answer questions March 29- April 11, 2018 Tel: 054-228-8141

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Thursday, MAY 24 – Monday, MAY 28 - 2018

REGISTRATION FORM (Separate registration for each participant


The Organizers assume no liability towards any malfunction, bodily injuries or loss to participant’s property. The organizers act as intermediaries between the participants and the suppliers. Each participant should acquire appropriate insurance coverage for loss of belongings or, God forbid, bodily injuries.

המארגנים פועלים כמתווכים בלבד בין המשתתפים לבין ספקי השירותים והם לא ישאו בכל אחריות לכל תקלה אולנזק רכוש או חס וחלילה נזק גוף. על כל משתתף לדאוג לרכוש לעצמו ביטוח רפואי וביטוח מטען אצל חברת ביטוח מוכרת, על מנת לכסות את כל הסיכונים.

Please email completed form to Peninah Zilberman This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

First Name___________________ Family Name ___________________

Family Name at Birth in Sighet or the surrounding communities’ _________________________________________________________

Name of Community,city/village)__________________________________________

Names of Family members attending the event with you (Use another page if there are more)

1.    _________________________

2.    _________________________

3.    _________________________

4.    _________________________

Your home address: _________________________________________________

Country: __________ Email: _________________ Tel: ______________________

Emergency Contact: Name: __________________________________

Relationship: ____________, Tel: _______________________________


NAME: __________________________________                                                      PG. 2

I need bus service from Budapest: YES / NO (circle)

Landing in Budapest:

Date:  ____________, Air line __________Flight # _____ Time ____________

Hotel I stay in Budapest?

Name ________________________ Tel: _________________________

Departure from Budapest:

Day: ____________, Air line __________Flight # _____ Time: ________

Landing in Cluj:

Date:  ____________, Air line __________Flight # _____ Time: ________

Departure from Cluj:

Day: ____________, Air line __________Flight # _____ Time: ________

Torah Reading (Men only) are you a: Cohen, Levi or Israel (Circle)

I am extending my stay in Sighet until May ________

Names of Family Members buried in Sighet Cemetery: (please print in any language)

1.    __________________________

2.    __________________________

3.    __________________________

Please make arrangements for visiting cemeteries in the area: YES / NO

Name of location_________________________________________

What day would you like to go?  ___________________________

Special Requirements/ General information

1.    __________________________________________________

2.    __________________________________________________

3.    _________________________________________________


DATE __________________    SIGNATURE __________________________

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“2018 ALL GENERATIONS GATHERING ” "כנס כל הדורות  "

Thursday, MAY 24 – Monday, MAY 28 - 2018


Changes /additions due to weather or unforeseen conditions might occur

Thursday, May 24, 2018

17:00 & 18:00 - Cluj & Budapest busses arrive – Hotel Check in

19:30     - Orientation meeting – Meet & Greet

Friday, May 25, 2018

Sabbath starts around 20:30 and ends around 22:45 - exact times will be provided.

08:30                 - Tour of “Merry Cemetery”- Sepentza, beautiful landscape ride

11:30                 - Exhibit Tour “Celebrating 70 years to the State of Israel”, Sighet Radio Hall

13:00                 - Lunch – on Ur own (we will recommend places to eat at)

14:00                 - Sighet Jewish Cemetery 

(Cemetery opened during the Gathering except on Sabbath- Sunday & Monday from 09:00-16:00)

19:45                 - Kabbalat Sabbath at the Synagogue

20:30                 - Sabbath Dinner (Hotel)

Saturday, May 26, 2018

07:00                 - Breakfast at the Hotel

09:00                -   Sabbath Prayers at the Synagogue

11:45                -   Kiddush at the Synagogue

13:30                -   Lunch (Hotel)

15:00                - Walking Tour of Jewish Sighet, led by

              Alina Marincean,Jewish Museum, Elie Wiesel Memorial House

16:00                - Rest

18:00               - SeudaShlishit - Guest Speaker

20:30               - Elie Wiesel Memorial House Tribute

21:45               - Dinner

22:45              - Havdalah

23:00             -   Memorial Service at Sighet Train Station

Sunday, May 27, 2018

10:00             - Memorial Service at the Jewish Monument

11:30             - Village Museum – Rabbi Drimer House

13:00              - Lunch – on Ur own (we will recommend places to eat at)

15:30            - Unveiling “Elie Wiesel copper Bust at the Elie Wiesel Memorial House”

                Sighet Mayor Horia Scubli and officials present

18:00            - Dinner on Ur own (we will recommend places to eat at)

19:30            - Casa Culturale - Cultural Program

Monday, May 28, 2018

07:30             - Bus leaves to Turda- Touring the Salt Mines

14:00             - Cluj Jewish Tour

17:00             - Shopping at Iulius Mall or Check in Hotel

20:00             - Closing meeting in the Hotel

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

03:30               - wake-up call

04:00              - Taxi Pick-up to Cluj Airport

06:00 - 08:50 - WIZZAIR Flight Cluj to TLV

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“ALL GENERATIONS GATHERING ” "כנס כל הדורות  "

Thursday, MAY 24 – Monday, MAY 28 – 2018


DATE__________ CITY _______________TEL ____________________________


FAMILY NAME _____________________ FAMILY MEMBERS____________________________



מחיר ההשתתפות  Participants Costs     


טיסה           Flight

ברכישה עצמית       

Purchase on  your own

Cluj to Sighet and back

נסיעה מקלוג' לסיגט ובחזרה



נסיעה מבודפשטלסיגט  ובחזרה


Budapest to Sighet and back




 45 USD each way$

לכל כיוון 45 USD$


$75 including entrance fees to the Salt Mines


100 each way$

לכל כיוון 100$



100$ USD

סעודות שישי ושבת

Friday & Saturday Meals 

לכל הארוחותAll meals

$ 200 USD

Donation to FTS

תרומה לעמותת"תרבות"

18$ CHAIחי

 סה"כ Total




NO. OF PEOPLE ATTENDING _________________________________________________________

SPECIAL DIET REQUEST: ____________________________________________________________

SPECIAL REMARKS _________________________________________________________________

RECEIPT # ____________________________

SIGNED _______________________________