In 2004 the AEPJ, was created in order to coordinate the project on European Jewish Heritage Days.

The European dimension of the project is increasing every year.

In 2015, about 115.000 visitors attended 1188 different activities in 357 cities, scattered over 31 European countries.

Fundatia Tarbut Sighet started participating in 2015 celebrating “Bridges”


Once again FTS will take an active part in observing the European Days of Jewish Culture.

The  2016 theme is “Languages”.

The Bible our guide and source of our religion is written in Hebrew.

The Hebrew language is the one who binds and connects all Jews around the world.

Jews living in the Diaspora  have adopted the local language as well as creating a special vernacular.

Yiddish is a blend of German and Hebrew spoken across Eastern Europe countries.

Ladino is an amalgamation of Hebrew and Spanish spoken in north Africa countries and across the Balkan countries.


 We look forward to your participation

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