Sighet Walking Tours

Sighet Village Museum is located about 3 km. outside of the city, in a forest area.

One can visit various wooden houses representing folkloric homes of the many nationalities who lived or still live in the Region.

The Drimer historical house was brought from Birsana, and opened officially May 2014.

Mr. Drimer was a Rabbi, Shohet(a person certified by a Rabbi or Jewish court of law to slaughter animals for food in the manner prescribed by Jewish law) and Melamed( Teacher). His house was a synagogue, a welcoming place for all travels in the area for lodging.

Rabbi’s Drimer House is in full tact as he lived in it for many years before deported to Auschwitz in 1944.

The Village Museum is open year round.

Preferable to visit during the months of May-November, while the weather is pleasant.

(see locations on map below)