“Fundatia – Tarbut – Sighet, Cultura si Educatie Iudaica (FTS)

FTS, was established by Ms. Peninah Zilberman in memory her family - the Walter family from Sighet. The Foundation is registered as an NGO in Romania. The Sighet Municipality has granted the FTS office space in the “Kahn Courtyard ".

The Foundation’s objectives are: to develop Jewish cultural programs and activities in Sighet, teaches High School students about Jewish life in Sighet and the Maramures Region perpetuate and commemorate Jewish life and heritage in Sighet as well as teaching about the Holocaust.

Donations are needed:

• A set of 18 books on the Holocaust in Romanian language - the cost of each set $ 250 (per school – 3 sets are required)
• A set of six films about the Holocaust cost $ 250 a set (3 sets are required)
• Posters about the Holocaust - $ 180 (3 poster sets are required)
• 4 computers cost $ 500 each PC (for research and study projects given to the High School students)
• Screen L.C.D. Cost $ 850
• 4 Fall Season series lectures each lecture cost $ 750
In addition to that FTS needs donations for office supplies and the daily function of the Foundation. You can send donations in dollars or euros, to:

“Fundatia – Tarbut – Sighet, Cultura si Educatie Iudaica (FTS)

Unicredit Bank, Branch 1 Decembrie 1918, Sighetu – Marmatiei


IBAN CODE: RO53 BACX 0000 OO10 8254 4001

Please send a copy of your transfer to FTS, so that we can track the donation and acknowledge your contribution.

All donations are greatly appreciated as you become a partner in our development and growth – Thank You