2017 MAY

2017 MAY

2017 MAY

Elie Wiesel bust unveiling will take place on Sunday, May 27, 2018

At 15:30 at the Elie Wiesel Memorial House.

This project was initiated by Sighet Mayor Horia Scubli.

The sculpture was  made by the well-known Romania sculpturer of such Busts Ioan Ladea

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About 2000 Jews returned to Sighet following Liberation in 1945.

All came to look for family members and relatives, unfortunately very few were united with their families.

Some started new families or made arrangements to move to Israel, but before all, a group decided to create this enormous Monument on the exact location where the largest Synagogue in Sighet stood up until it was set on fire with members of the Jewish Community.

Commemoration Services are held at the site during the year or by request.

(see locations on map below)

Read more: 1944 Monument in Memory of the Jewish Sighet Community

Professor Ellie Weisel was born and raised in this house until the age of 16 years when he and his family and the whole Jewish Community of Sighet were deported to Auschwitz between May 16-22, 1944. Today, it is a Memorial to the Jewish Life Cycle of Pre-Holocaust Sighet Jewish Community.

Local high schools students and educators from the Region are regular visitors and special events are being held there.


Visiting Hours:

Summer - Tuesday to Sunday 10:00 to 18:00 (Monday closed)

Winter – Monday - Friday 08:00-16:00 (saturday and sunday - closed)

 (see locations on map below)

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